Environmental scientist, activist, science communicator and founder of Mauritius-based environmental NGO Nature Yetu.

M. L. Fabiola Monty

I am a Mauritian environmentalist with a background in invasive species research, biodiversity monitoring and management, native forest restoration, community-based natural resource management and nature-based solutions for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

I have field experiences in Mauritius, Madagascar, Uganda and Tanzania and have international experience advocating for the importance of sound ecosystem management in resilience building through science communication and capacity building. I have planned training sessions on ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction in six regions and have led and facilitated workshops for a diverse audience including government officials and journalists in Senegal, Fiji, Kenya and Mauritius.

I believe digital media provides new accessible tools to increase awareness on environmental challenges, promote best practices and solutions in the conservation field and is also an essential component of global and local advocacy efforts for nature protection. Along this line, I have established a Mauritius-based NGO, Nature Yetu which is focused on environmental education and communication.

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